Quick Start Courses

A practical clinical course to get you started in vision therapy.

What to expect

Quick Start Courses take place over two, 3-day weekends in vision therapy offices where patients are seen regularly.

The first weekend covers in-chair testing using unique “Test Grids” that identify the nature of the test, their diagnostic significance and how problems manifest as behavior. Participants then go undergo detailed training on basic activities.

eye chart.jpgThe second weekend covers perceptual testing and more advanced therapy activities. Instructors share their professional approach to testing, case presentation and therapy so you can apply what you learn immediately, IVI materials include significant diagnostic and therapist training details.

Test Grids transfer understanding testing to both O.D. and therapists.

All IVI materials are designed specifically for doctors to use for training new staff as you grow, and to enable you to review and refresh your understanding of VT.

Topics include:

  • How to generate, test, diagnose and treat “Sweet Spot Kids.” The category that should make up the bulk of patients
  • The confidence you need to get over the first hurdle for all new VT ODs, “How do I get started and do a good job with patients.”
  • An organized and proven system of therapy you can start using with patients immediately.
  • Exactly what tests to perform, how to do them and how to understand what the results mean so you can plan therapy.
  • A place where you and your therapists can get trained in the same way at the same time.
  • Learn to communicate the VT message so that parents and patients know vision is the problem and you have the solution.
  • Access to instructors and support people with nearly a century of of combined experience in the field.

Dates for the 2023 Essentials Course

Weekend 1: May 19–21

Weekend 2: July 14–16


Early Bird Tuition (ends April 30, 2023)

First Doctor: $2,700
Additional Doctor(s): $1,250
First Therapist: $1,400
Additional Staff: $900

Standard Tuition (as of May 1, 2023)

First Doctor: $3,200
Additional Doctor(s): $1,550
First Therapist: $1,600
Additional Staff: $1,100

Register Today and Pay Online

If you would like to register by phone or have questions, contact Amee Lecoq at (760) 686-4648.

3 Big Deals about Quick Start VT

Taking a clinical course usually leaves attendees with a few good ideas or some new patient care nugget. And often, the item fades from memory or never gets implemented.  The Ideal Vision Institute Quick Start Vision Therapy Course is an exception. The 6 days (2 weekends) provides major, lasting bonuses that will be used for the rest of a doctor’s career.

1. Original therapy activity instructions are clear and concise. Not the same old instruction sheets that were originally written on typewriters 35 years ago. Not only what to do, but what to say to turn the activity into a learning opportunity for patients. The exact language used in a real therapy rooms by certified therapists.  Instruction sheets you’ll use for training for decades.  Lots of hands-on learning for doctor and therapists.

2.  A systematic “grid” of activities for the most common vision problems requiring VT provides a clear picture of where and how each activity fits in sequence for a basic case. The instructor, Philip Bugaiski, O.D., FCOVD, relates each activity to the therapy process. He presents a neuro model of vision that transforms doctor’s ability to think about and even modify a program of care to fit the case.

3. How to use the initial evaluation to enroll parents, children and adults is a key feature of this course. Dr. Bugaiski has two VT-only practices and is a master of relating findings to behaviors and performance problems. The effect is to have the parent or adult patient, come to see for themselves that vision is the problem, and to see that you have the solution.